Tales and Fantasies

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Colettes was your only port. You were very illsupplied. The company was not recruited from the Senate or the Church, though the Bar was very well represented on the only occasion on which I flew in the face of my countrys laws, and, taking my reputation in my hand, penetrated into that grim supperhouse. And Colettes frequenters, thrillingly conscious of wrongdoing and lsquo;that two-handed engine (the policeman) at the door, were perhaps inclined to somewhat feverish excess. But the place was in no sense a very bad one; and it is somewhat strange to me, at this distance ofnbsp;time, how it had acquired its dangerous repute. In precisely the same spirit as a man may debate a project to ascend the Matterhorn or to cross Africa, John considered Alans proposal, and, greatly daring, accepted it. As he walked home, the thoughts of this excursion out of the safe places of life into the wild and arduous, stirred and struggled in his imagination with the image of Miss Mackenzie incongruous and yet kindred thoughts, for did not each imply unusual tightening of the pegs of resolution? did not each woo him forth and warn him back again into himself?
Tales and Fantasies Tales and Fantasies 9786257941815 Tales and Fantasies