The Road to Wigan Pier

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The first sound in the mornings was the clumping of the mili-girls' clogs down the cobbled street. Earlier than that, I suppose, there were factory whistles which I was never awake to hear.There were generally four of us in the bedroom, and a beastly place it was, with that defiled impermanent look of rooms that are not serving their rightful purpose. Years earlier the house had been an ordinary dwelling-house, and when the Brookers had taken it and fitted it out as a tripe-shop and lodging-house, they had inherited some of the more useless pieces of furniture and had never had the energy to remove them. We were therefore sleeping in what was stili recognizably a drawing-room.'
The Road to Wigan Pier The Road to Wigan Pier 9786257689083 Platanus Publishing The Road to Wigan Pier